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The Internet is a Lie

Therefore, I am shamelessly tagging onto the town library's wireless. Events so far: multiple awkward staring contests with grandparents, fruitless searching for Help Wanted signs, stilted phone conversation with Field Station Lady (I hate phones), really short haircut (my hair is so curly it looks like it has a life of its own; I am not fully convinced that it is not sentient). Also, a lot of desperate book reading to avoid the aforementioned awkward staring contests with grandparents.

In other news, have a ficlet.

Title: Bask
Author: craevn
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto, Team
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: Tosh and Owen were having the old ‘Praxian vs. Telik’ argument.
Author’s notes: Based on a line from Fragments.

Ianto adjusted his cross-legged position on the floor, back resting against the foot of the sofa. He closed his eyes and smiled; Tosh and Owen were having the old ‘Praxian vs. Telik’ argument – the Torchwood version of ‘caveman vs. astronaut’.

“I tell you, a Praxian would win any day. Have you seen the size of those fuckers’ claws?” Owen was adamant.

“Sorry Tosh, I’ve got to go with Owen on this one,” Ianto said, keeping his eyes closed. Off in the background, Jack was regaling Gwen with the story of his encounter with a very friendly squid-like alien.

“Yes, but with the right materials a Telik could easily outsmart a Praxian –"

“Yeah, with the right materials –"

“All right!” Jack finally interrupted. “I think that’s enough team bonding time for today.”

“Yeah guys, it’s getting pretty late, and Rhys and I were going to watch a movie tonight.”

“Oh, what movie?” Tosh asked.

“Buggered if I know. Some kind of cop movie I think.”

The voices faded as the group made their way out the door. Soon, only one set of footsteps was left; Ianto knew they were Tosh’s.

Sighing, he finally opened his eyes. Team nights like this were the best. In these moments it was almost as if he belonged. Smiling faintly, he leaned over and turned off the listening device.

I'm trying to get into the habit of writing regularly, but it's not quite happing. In any case, I have another fic in the works at ~3200 words. A question for anybody who might actually be reading this - how necessary do you consider Brit-picking and/or beta-ing?


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Jun. 28th, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
It seems the consensus is beta=good, brit-picking=better, so I'll definitely look around for those. The line that inspired the ficlet was Jack's (paraphrased): "Stop stalking me!" Thanks so much for the advice, and thanks for reading the ficlet.
Jun. 27th, 2008 08:30 pm (UTC)
Very nice and a bit sad.
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks for taking the time to read and review!
Jun. 27th, 2008 08:36 pm (UTC)
Oh man! That was excellent. I love this and I think you captured first season Ianto perfectly. I just love the way the ending hits you.
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
That jolt was exactly what I was going for. I'm glad to know I succeeded. Thanks for reading!
Jun. 27th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
I really didn't expect that ending, and the title is perfect. This is so very sad (in a good way).
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
The ending was supposed to be a bit of a surprise, so I'm happy to hear it worked! Thanks for commenting!
Jun. 27th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
I'd happily brit-pick for anyone :) I echo palmface!
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
Fantastic! Thanks so much. Would you mind sending your email address to craevn@hotmail.com? I'm not done the fic yet, but once I am I'd love to have your help brit-picking. Again, thanks so much for offering.
Jun. 27th, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
ow. that.....ow

Was actually re-watching Season 1 eps 1 and 2 today and....they just ignore him. Completely. ALL of them. I mean, yes, Jack introduces him to Gwen, but when she's writing about the team to try and deflect the retcon she doesn't even mention Ianto. And in Episode 2, when ianto suggests methods of trying to find Carys - it's like he hasn't spoken.

this is just...so sad. The idea that he is so shut off from the team that they don't even notice he's not there. That he feels part of the team when he's listening in on them....

what line from Fragments? and betaing - well, speaking from experience, even if you've read and re-read and done a grammer and spell check, you WILL miss things so for that alone a beta is worth it. And a good beta will do more than that and it will improve your work.

as for Brit=picking: PLEASE DO!!! I'm up there with Palmface - I can (just about) get Jack saying 'vest' (we say waistcoat) or 'cell' (we say mobile) but for the British team-members to say sidewalk, or vacation.....it jars horribly because it's just wrong. Pulls you right out of the fic. Personally I honestly don't have the time to do a good beta, but I could glance through and Brit-pick if you wanted!
Jun. 28th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)
You're right! I never thought about the fact that Ianto's READING what Gwen writes, so he knows that she doesn't even bothehr to mention him in her frantic write-every-thing-down state...
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
It's a very sad situation Ianto found himself in, where he was ignored by the others (which had to hurt), but found it necessary to actively encourage that ignorance in order to help Lisa. I imagine there had to be a whole lot of internal conflict between his desire to be caught and his desire to remain hidden. That's what makes Ianto's storyline so interesting to me.

The line from Fragments that inspired the piece was Jack's (paraphrased) line: "Stop stalking me!"

Beta-ing and brit-picking seems to be the way to go. And thank you so much for the offer! I've not finished the fic yet, but once I have I'll be sure to email you.

Thanks for commenting!
Jun. 28th, 2008 06:06 pm (UTC)
well yes, there is that - he actively NEEDS the very attitude that he snarls at Jack for. After all, if Jack had shown any interest in his private life, then the whole Lisa thing would have gone down very differently.

Which reminds me I did actually read a fic which looked at what might have happend if Ianto had revealed the whole thing to Jack at various different points pre-Cyberwoman. wonder if anyone on Torch_wood can help me remember where it was.....

i'd be happy to brit-pick!
Jun. 28th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
That last line just jarred me right out of my happy place. Very nice... Thanks for sharing...
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
Mmm, yes, that was exactly what I was going for. Thanks for reviewing!
Jun. 28th, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
Very unexpected ending. I loved it.

Beta-ing .. most definitely. I've been doing it for seven years, and I have to say the difference between before and after work is incredible.
Jun. 28th, 2008 04:13 am (UTC)
I just found a community which I thought might be helpful.

Jun. 28th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
Unexpected endings are my favourite kind! Thanks for reading and the advice.

Also, thanks for the link. I'm actually already a member there, and it's been a terrific resource so far. I'll probably end up getting a brit-picker as well for the upcoming fic; I feel that might better for those phrases which one doesn't even think about normally, but are glaringly obvious to Europeans.
Jun. 28th, 2008 10:56 am (UTC)
I like the idea of Torchwood having "who would beat whom?" arguments. I can see Owen and Tosh bickering for hours about Batman vs. Superman, for example (I suspect that Owen would back the Man of Steel and Tosh would go for the Dark Knight).
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
Oh definitely. Batman was all about the fancy toys and smarts. He doesn't need superpowers to be a superhero. But Superman has all the cool, blunt-force abilities like invulnerability and laser-eyes... Yes, I can definitely see how that conversation would play out. :)

Thanks for reading!
Jun. 28th, 2008 11:12 am (UTC)
Nice and sad!
Jun. 28th, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed. Thank you for reading and reviewing!
Aug. 4th, 2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
Dec. 24th, 2008 06:57 pm (UTC)
it's na(tasha) under a new lj.
add me?
Dec. 8th, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
Wow. The ending was completely unexpected for me. It really hit home. Poor Ianto.
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